We Tell Stories,
Here's Ours

We are a team of storytellers driven by a passion for creating innovative and entertaining new media that balances creative storytelling with an emphasis on brand strategy.

OCF’s creative team is led by a team of Award-Winning filmmakers whose passion for storytelling has been the inspiration behind many of our films. Our goal as a production company is to deliver engaging and compelling stories that embody the vision and core brand ideas of our clients.

Your message influences your brand's perception

People tend to think a brand is a logo, a visual identity, or a product. When actually, a brand is a gut feeling! It is our perception towards an organization. Organizations do not define their brands - people do! and as an organization, you can influence your brand’s perception.

This is where we come in. We create stories that tell people who you are and what you do, by allowing your audience to become emotionally invested in your message by allowing them to connect to the people, and the characters that we develop in our stories.